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Hollymount Primary School

School Council

All pupils at Hollymount are members of the School Council and have the opportunity to have their say and effect change.

The structure of the new School Council, following the Smart School Council model, has 3 core parts—Class Meetings, a Communication Team and Action Teams.

The purpose of these parts is:

  • Class Meetings—These give everyone a voice and an opportunity for all members of the class to have a turn in running the meetings. Ideas are shared and recorded. Pupils learn how to discuss, problem solve, listen to each other and compromise. These ideas are then passed to the Communication Team
  • Communication Team—Their role is to take the ideas from the class meetings and organise Action Teams to explore the feasibility of these ideas.
  • Action Teams—They research the idea, produce a plan and are the group that sees the project through to the finish.

Pupils are invited to write a statement explaining why they would make a good member of the Communication Team and what skills they could bring to the post. These statements are presented to all the voters (school community) anonymously so that selection was made based on the quality of the statement and not on the popularity of the candidate. Classes are presented with the statements, supported by Y6 pupils who help with reading the statements where necessary. They are then given a ballot paper to complete which is placed in an official ballot box.

This process gives all children the chance to experience the democratic process in action and links both to our school values and the British Values which schools are required to promote.